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Hello All!

Thank you for joining me here for my first blog. I hope you find this as interesting as I do. I feel it appropriate to give a proper introduction of myself first before moving forward. I consider myself a student of photography as there is no zenith or summit in this trade, it is simply constant improvement upon the skills and the creative eye that one must have in order to be “good“. I think that is a pretty good assessment of myself as I stand within the trade. Make no mistake this is a trade.

As a child I knew that I was seeing the world through a lens (no pun intended) that most people didn’t have. I was constantly in search of things or situations that made me feel as if I was watching a movie, or gazing upon a masterfully crafted painting. I knew wanted to capture things but I didn’t know how. Years went by and eventually this desire grew into filmmaking, and more specifically visual effects. We wont go into detail here quite yet but I will discuss that part of my creative experience in another post. As I came of age I became much more serious about this digital craft and my folks purchased for me my first DSLR camera. This one instance in time forged who and what I aspire to be to this day… A Photographer. And to my parents I am eternally grateful.

When I turned 23 I started this company and built the website you now find yourself on. If you are still reading this I not only congratulate you on being able to withstand being inundated with this poorly written story but I would like to comfort you by saying we have now arrived at the actually blog post.

Ladies and gentlemen… New York City.

NYC Skyline from Brooklyn Bridge Park - 50mm F/ 1.8 @ 1/2500

NYC Skyline from Brooklyn Bridge Park - 50mm F/ 1.8 @ 1/2500

If it looks cold in this photograph you would be correct. New Years eve and the days proceeding New Years Eve were especially cold in the great state of New York. In fact December 31st 2017 was one of the coldest days on record for NYC being beat only by the same day 100 years earlier in 1917… It was 1 degree outside at midnight. Luckily for us It was 13 degrees outside when my Uncle and now Aunt got married at Brooklyn Bridge park.

The Whole Gang - Fish / Nagy Wedding December 31st, 2017

The Whole Gang - Fish / Nagy Wedding December 31st, 2017

This was one of the first weddings I photographed. Prior to this I was making wedding videos (which I still do). I didn’t even think my Canon 70D would survive the frigid cold that brought my warm southern texan soul to its ever lovin’ knees. but my camera won the day and my Aunt and Uncle were thrilled with the images.

This was an amazing wedding to shoot. The connection between my Uncle and Aunt was extremely palpable. Likewise the strength and support displayed by their friends was moving. At one point during the ceremony, officiated by their best friend Matt, the guests joined in with the couple to recite their vows. Ive never seen anything like it.

Collette’s state of mind appears apparent here moments before saying “I do”

Collette’s state of mind appears apparent here moments before saying “I do”

Brooklyn Bridge Park is an awesome place and offers a view of the city that is second to none. Relatively new, being founded in 2008, the park has held many weddings for those who are open to the idea of extreme weather and extreme views. Having your wedding here is a good idea, only if you want to remember it forever and want your friends and family to share in your awe of the city and the occasion for years to come. This is not your typical wedding venue… Oh and it’s free.

Wedding Day-123.jpg

If you enjoyed this entry into my blog please comment below and leave me some feedback. Anything constructive negative and positive is welcome.

If you are a bride to be or a dedicated life partner looking for a wedding photographer and just looking around I hope you consider my work in your search. I want you know that i am almost always available and my contact information is posted in the “about me” page on this site.

Have a wonderful week and thank you for joining me.

- John Cargile